Marbled Napkin Rings DIY

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Crate & Barrel indigo linen napkins, West Elm gold flatware

Crate & Barrel indigo linen napkins, West Elm gold flatware

I love the idea of having casual napkin rings for everyday use. Whether a friend drops in with pizza or G makes his famous spaghetti and meatballs, it can make an informal dinner seem slightly more special. Read on below to see how I made these faux marble napkin rings.

rings before, during, and after

rings before, during, and after

Items You'll Need:

1. Napkin rings (I bought these wooden ones because I liked the shape). 

2. White semi-gloss Rust-oleum paint and primer spray paint

3. Colored nail polish

4. Liquitex gloss varnish

5. Rubber gloves and disposable plastic container

7. Plastic knife


Step 1: Spray paint napkin rings in several light coats in a well ventilated area. Dry overnight. 

Step 2: Fill a plastic container with warm water. With the gloves on, pour nail polish into the container then use the plastic knife to create marble-esque patterns. 


Step 3: Gently submerge the napkin ring into the nail polish floating on the surface to pick up the marble design. Dry overnight. 

Step 4: Paint gloss varnish over the rings, but keep moving them around as they dry so they don't stick to each other/the surface of your table.