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Holiday Wreaths Two Ways

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Our place this year feels admittedly bare and not very festive. Part of it's due to my constant traveling as of late and also since we'll be moving into our new home soon, lugging out the holiday decorations didn't make sense. But I wanted to add a little something to the space, so I worked with two already-constructed grapevine wreaths (which are typically only a few dollars) and simply dressed them up a bit to make them unique. So if you've also waited until the last minute to put up some seasonal decorations, here are the two wreaths I made that took mere minutes to put together and were remarkably affordable.


For my first wreath, I went with a bit of a winter white theme utilizing Baby's Breath as well as some pine, so it would still have an outdoorsy scent.



I wanted a bit of asymmetry, which I achieved by only filling in the top. The grapevine wreath bases are very tightly woven so you just push the different stems you want to include into the vines, making sure they're secure.





For my second wreath, I did a breezy take on a traditional style by filling in the entire grapevine base. I used peppercorns as the main red element, which felt subdued and slightly less predictable than holly berries.



I found it helpful when constructing the wreaths to occasionally lift the entire thing up to a wall to get a feel for how it would look hanging (it's much easier that way to see areas that needed more foliage)


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.