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Floating Vase

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There's certainly a reason I haven't shared many pictures of my kitchen. Besides an oversized clock and one piece of art, the walls are dull, the space is tiny and I still haven't replaced the Venetian Blinds that cover the window. Since I spend an inordinate amount of time in there cooking and cleaning, I decided that a suspended vase (Luna would knock one over if I put it on the window sill) would add just enough color to brighten up the room. Here are the simple steps I took to make mine:


1. I bought a piece of wood (approximately 7" x 6" x 1/2") that I sloppily painted white for a worn-in feel.


2. Find a small vase or jar (mine was filled with Maraschino Cherries) that has a lip at the top. Position it on the wood and drill two holes on either side at the the base of the opening.


3. Wrap steel wire around the lip of the jar a few times and twist it once until it's secure. Position the jar so that it's lined up on the wood and poke the ends through the small holes that you drilled. Wrap them together in the back and clip any extra wire.


4. Drill two additional holes at the top of the wood and wrap a second piece of steel wire through leaving a large loop at the top. Twist the ends around the base and clip off the extra wire.


5. Add water, flowers (I like Sweet Peas) and hang!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.