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Embellished Bobby Pins


Lately I've been feeling particularly lazy with my hair. Instead of adding waves or pretty braids, I've just been letting it air dry and hoping for the best. But since I like the look of unfussy hair with a twist, I decided to dress up a few basic bobby pins. I used items I already had at home (leftover from other projects like these) and made three different variations. 


Things you'll need: a glue gun, bobby pins, studs, rosettes (purchased at Michael's), ribbon, and scissors.



I glued square studs along the flat side of the bobby pin. I usually think of barrettes as having such a sweet vibe, but I like how these (especially when stacked together) bring a bit of a punk vibe to a simple hairstyle.




For the second set of bobby pins I reused some rosettes to channel Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors. I glued one rose onto each pin so that I could kind of disperse them throughout my hair without going too flower child. 




For the last set of pins, I made small bows and secured them to the ends. I think it looks best with a messy ponytail - it adds just a touch of schoolgirl prep minus the plaid uniform.


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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.