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DIY - Valentine's Tea Bags

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I like to give out little Valentine's Day mementos each February, whether that means making homemade cards, or giving out baked goods. This year I was inspired by my mom (who has a love for tea) to create Valentine tea bags, complete with cute little sayings. They're easy and customizable and I love the idea of spreading the love anytime someone sits down for a cup of tea. Follow the steps below to create your own version.


Items you will need: coffee filters, card stock paper, twine, a pen, a needle, loose leaf tea of your choice (I used Jasmine) & scissors.


Step 1: Fold a coffee filter directly in half and cut out a rectangle, using the folded crease as one side.

Step 2: Thread a needle with pretty twine. This can be a bit tricky but I purchased a needle with a large hole which made it a breeze to get the twine through.


Step 3: Sew up the two longer sides of the rectangle, leaving the top side open. I used the back-stitch sewing technique to make it very sturdy, which is explained


. Make sure when sewing up the two longer sides to leave excess twine at the top, this will be used to hang the tag from later.

Step 4: Add your loose leaf tea to the top opening.


Step 5: Sew the top opening up (as you did in step 3), then fold the two corners in and fasten with a staple to create the iconic "tea bag" shape. Include the extra string you left (in step 3) when stapling.

Step 6: Create two heart shaped tags out of the construction paper and sandwich the end of your excess string between them with glue. I wrote Sweetheart candy sayings on one side and put glitter on the other side.


Final product

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.