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DIY Bouquet

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When I began working at Condé Nast, I was in awe of the intricate bouquets that were constantly being delivered to the office. They were unlike anything I had ever seen - bursting with vibrant colors, inside intricately lined vases, showcasing floral combinations I didn't think were possible. It's been five years since I worked there, but I still find myself drawn to the same kind of bouquet, so I visited one of my all-time favorite floral shops,


, and learned how to do it at home!


1. With the oasis inside of the vase, start lining the inner rim with ti leaves, making sure both the top and bottom are cut at straight angles so they lay evenly in the vase. Continue adding until the entire vase is lined.


2. Create a circle around the lip of the vase with tape. Then make a grid pattern on the top (I used 3x3) and then secure with a final layer of tape around the circumference.


3. Begin with the largest flowers (in this example, white hydrangeas) and place them in the vase at varying heights (three shorter and three taller).


4. Add in the next largest flower (the pink peonies) and spread them out evenly. Trim them so that they're about the same height as the tallest flower.


5. Finish with the smallest flowers (the tulips and freesia) and keep them long so that they don't get lost.


6. Use extra leaves as filler to cover up any empty spaces and add water.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.