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Delicate Necklace Solution

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I switch up my jewelry preferences every so often, shifting from statement necklaces, to stacks of bracelets or blinged out cocktail rings. But the one constant over the years has been my love for delicate gold necklaces. They're whisper thin and add just a touch of sophistication without ever dominating an outfit. But I'd always struggled with how to store them. When kept on a plate, they quickly transformed into tangled clumps that were nearly impossible to unknot. So I came up with a simple solution that keeps them separate and adds just a touch of sparkle to our wall.


Paint thin nails the same color of your walls (mine is Benjamin Moore's "Pelican Grey") so they blend in and let the necklaces remain the focal point.


Measure and mark where the nails should be hammered in. Space two nails per necklace one-inch apart from one another with half an inch in between each nail grouping. Lightly hammer each nail into the wall - no need to go crazy with the hammering since the necklaces are so light.


Untangle necklaces and hang them on the wall.


P.S. A cute way to organize your sunglasses and how to make a delicate ombré necklace.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.