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Credenza Makeover

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A few weeks back I visited my friend Cristina's condo that she had recently purchased and sitting outside was this worn-down credenza. The shape was great - with a clean top, ample space, and an intricately shaped underside, but she didn't have room for it in her current place. Instead of selling it, I convinced her that we should set up a sort of sisterhood-of-the-traveling-credenza situation. So I took it home and spruced it up, full well knowing that in a few years she might take it back and re-do it in a bright yellow. But for the time being, it's filled a much-needed void in my office (which you can see here) and now holds miscellaneous supplies that didn't have a place. Here are the simple steps I took to repaint it and how I incorporated it into the room.




I painted it three coats of glossy bright white with dark navy trimmed drawers.


I chose gold hammered knobs, since they felt slightly nautical without being overly thematic.


A souvenir from my bridal shower: a spray painted tiger - Rachel's classy way of not decorating for a crazy cat lady.


I added several framed photographs that my husband and I've taken - this one's from the roof of our hotel on our honeymoon in Rome. Also included: miniature pumpkins, Diptqyue's "Figuier" candle, white hydrangeas, a stack of design books, and a Doloris Petunia necklace.


Some shoes are too pretty to keep stowed away in the closet, including my sparkly heels from our wedding.


Lastly, I lined the drawers in a fun bicycle print (it's just paper that I secured with double-sided tape) to keep odds and ends, like my (excessive) collection of colored twine.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.