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Citrus Collins Glass DIY

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Over the years I've acquired quite the glass collection. One of my favorites is a kitschy flamingo set that I always whip out when the weather is hot. They're perfect for making Tom Collins and feel so festive for the summer months. I decided to make a similar set on a budget using simple glasses, a bit of paint, and an adhesive stencil. Here are my steps.


Things you need: Collins glasses (I used these), glass paint, washi tape, stick-on stencils (I used these, but purchased them at Michaels), and a paint brush.


Step 1: Apply washi tape to the glasses so that when you paint on the stencils they'll all be straight and cohesive. I measured mine about two inches from the bottom.


Step 2: Apply the stencil, lining it up with the bottom of the tape. Make sure it's secure and completely flat with the glass so that you get a clean paint line when peeling it off.

Step 3: Pick your first color and start painting. I dabbed first to get the paint on there, then did a few full strokes to create a smooth look. Make sure to take the stencil off before the paint driess or else when you peel off the stencil, the paint will come with it (I learned this the hard way).


Step 4: Continue painting on the other glasses. If some of the paint seeps out from the stencil lines, you can use a toothpick as the paint dries to clean up any areas.


Step 5: After the first color is dry to the touch, continue the previous steps with the two other colors of your choice.


Step 6: After painting all of the glasses, remove tape.


Enjoy your new citrus collins glasses with a refreshing drink and a few good friends.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.