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An Easy, Inexpensive Way to Make Your 2020 Both Productive and Memorable

Hold yourself accountable to your yearly goals with a deck of cards.
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I'm not much of a New Year's resolutions girl, but I do see the start of January as a blank slate. It's a reset, a time to reflect on what you loved about the previous year, and what you hope to accomplish in the new one. 

Recently, a friend of mine from college moved to a new city with her boyfriend, and as a way to keep themselves accountable to trying new experiences, they bought a deck of cards (sounds strange, but I promise it will make sense!). They'd compiled a list of fun, strange, and out-of-the-box activities, and since there are 52 cards in a deck, they wrote one experience on each. After shuffling, they would pull a single card per week, and found a day to make it possible. 

So simple, but motivating—I was so inspired that I'll be making my own list with Justin, then spending 2020 making our way through them all. We're compiling an assortment; some will be easy, and some will be more time-consuming and require more effort than others. The best part is, if we're not feeling whatever we picked that week, we can just reshuffle and add it back for a time when it makes more sense.

I've written a few that we're set on below, and would love to hear any that you're planning on accomplishing in the comments!

- Go rock climbing
- Eat our way through a taco crawl (which, to us, means hit up at least three tacos stands in a day!)
- Go on a tech-free date without our phones (...or Apple Watch!)
- Host a movie night with friends (especially now that we have a new, massive couch)
- Spend a day volunteering for a cause that we both feel passionately about
- Head to the San Gabriel Valley for Chinese food
- Do something super touristy (i.e. visit the Hollywood Walk-of-Fame, the Getty, the La Brea Tar Pits)
- Buy tickets to a stand-up comedy show
- Take a day trip somewhere near LA that we've both never been to
- Spend a day at the beach (something we've never done, even though we've lived in Venice for two years!)
- Explore a new farmers' market

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.