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Why I'm Embracing Dried Flowers Around the House (And 3 Of My Favorite Ways to Style Them)

A simple, budget-friendly decorating idea.
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Pampas Grass and my favorite bathroom spray, Byredo in 'Treehouse'

Pampas Grass and my favorite bathroom spray, Byredo in 'Treehouse'

One of my absolute favorite things to do for our home is pick up fresh flowers at the farmers market every week, which helps my house feel alive and finished (or somewhere close to finished anyways). But the problem with fresh flowers is that they don't stay that way for long, and it's even harder to maintain them when you have cats who make a competitive sport out of who can eat/destroy them faster (don't worry, we always buy nontoxic). Anytime G brings flowers home for me I say, "Luna and I appreciate it." 

Dried flowers have been having a moment for a while now. I saw it starting with the small bunches of dried Craspedia (the flowers with the yellow spheres) in bud vases at restaurants, then dried bunches of pussy willow, and later as curated selections of bouquets in L.A. boutiques. I've had pampas grass in our guest bathroom for a year now, styled next to my favorite room spray, but I'm starting to embrace the variety of creative uses for dried flowers from cotton stems to the colorful dried baby's breath Leslie saw all over Copenhagen earlier this year. The best part is: My cats aren't interested in them at all. Gone are the days of your grandma's potpourri. Here are 3 of my favorite ways to style dried flowers, and some images that inspired my own decor: 

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One of my favorite options for dried flowers is to make them yourself, which Jess did by selectively drying blooms once her fresh flowers began to lose their luster. She then placed them into mismatched vintage glass bottles (similar here), to use as a simple centerpiece for her dining table. 

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Though it takes slightly more effort to curate, I love the look of a neutral, overflowing bouquet in a white ceramic vase, like this one. Because the arrangement is already over-the-top, the key here is to stick with one color palette, like a muted neutral. Otherwise, the arrangement may veer too old-fashioned. While you can gather your blooms overtime, a shortcut is to order a dried bouquet from etsy—I like this one and this one, although this one, with a subtle pop of color, is beautiful too. Food52 also sells them ready-made with vases here.

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While I personally prefer the look of a neutral dried flower in my own home, I'm also partial to the idea of placing smaller buds in colorful vases, like these from Afloral or these rainbow vases. If you prefer a neutral option, a bright bloom would look just as beautiful in these ceramic and small glass vases

Here are some more inspiration images I love: 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.