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What I Should Have Registered For

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Wedding planning can be stressful, so when the contracts, color palettes and seating plans were done, I thought our registry was going to be a breeze. But narrowing down the things we thought we needed, let alone deciding on where to actually register, seemed more like a chore, rather than a fun experience. We had lived together for a couple of years before we got married and had all the basics covered, but I liked the idea of owning some unique pieces that would remind us of our wedding. I've included some of the standout products that we still love and use everyday, and for those of you who are co-habitating for the first time, I've made some suggestions for under-the-radar items that you'll use all the time. 

For couples that already live together:

1. Artwork: Wall hangings, paintings or prints add a personal aesthetic to your place. A piece like this is an homage to your new married status. 

2. High End Appliances: I use each of these premium items at least 2-3 times a week and their price easily matches their durability. KitchenAid mixer, Vitamix blender, or Breville Citrus Press

3. Fancy Stemware: While I still enjoy casually drinking wine out of a tumbler, these are essential when hosting special occasions.

4. Plants and Planters: A little greenery and a well-designed planter can liven up any room. 

5. Serving Platters: Larger, statement platters for entertaining. 

6. Premium Movie or TV Subscription: A year’s pass to your entertainment portal of choice makes for fun, easy Friday nights.

7. Fancier Dessert China: A slice of cake or store-bought cupcakes feel extra special on pretty plates.

8. Coffee Table Books: What I consider tabletop art.

9. Speakers: They don't have to be boring rectangular boxes to create great sound

For couples who are moving in together:

1. Tools: A hammer, screwdriver and power drill. Definitely not the sexiest items to register for, but you'll always be happy you have them.

2. Pool Towels: Though bath towels are a registry mainstay, these will see you through some of your most fun waterside memories.

3. White Linens: When you tire of patterned sheets, look to these palette cleansers.

4. Pretty Doormat: A fun way to welcome you to your new home. 

5. Attractive Bins: From a larger kitchen bin to smaller ones for the bathroom, don't let trashcans be an afterthought.

6. Floor Mirror: Not only for daily outfit checks, but having a floor to ceiling mirror can make your space look much larger.

7. Nice Knives: A game-changer for those who love to cook.

8. Gift card to Maid Service: Give yourselves a little break from cleaning.

9. Floor Lamp: A floor lamp does double-duty: It's not only an extra reading light, but can fill awkward corners too.

10. Luggage: For all your exciting travel plans

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.