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Turkey Table


This year, we're having a big Thanksgiving dinner, about which I couldn't be more excited. Sadly, since my only talents in the kitchen include getting in the way and excessive sampling, I've been assigned table duty. After I got over the initial embarrassment while reading multiple 'how to let kids decorate' articles, I actually found some legitimate decorating ideas that might just steal the turkey's thunder.


I love the idea of incorporating fruit at the table and pears have such a lovely shape.


Sure I can't peel potatoes, but I'm really good at collecting leaves. This is a simple, yet colorful way to add a bit of Autumn at the table.


I've pricked my feet on these little guys hundreds of times. I've finally found a great way to celebrate their spiky shape.


The last time I worked with felt was when I made clothes for my troll dolls in 2nd grade. This time around, it looks a lot easier and I love the soft texture it brings.


All of the little leaves add a great architectural element while still looking chic and elegant.

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Products in this post may contain affiliate links