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Spring Cleaning: How I Revamped Our Kitchen

I have no idea why it took me so long to do this.
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Rug from Amber Interiors, kitchen soap from Further

Rug from Amber Interiors, kitchen soap from Further

I'm by no means a tidy person, but once a week, I do a massive cleanup around the house—even after we've done our best to keep everything in shape. Our biggest issue is piles. By the end of a busy week, Geoffrey and I will have a massive stack of magazines and mail, clothing orders, and Sloan's toys to sort through. I've come to (partially) embrace that life with a kid means you can never fully stay on top of everything. 

Recently though, I came back from a weekend trip, and Geoffrey and Sloan were out of the house. Sitting at our kitchen counter, I realized that almost every single surface was covered—and we have a decent-sized kitchen. One corner was particularly bad. While I was gone, G had spontaneously bought a countertop convection oven which he'd placed in a high-traffic corner next to our sink. He'd carefully researched it and was convinced we needed it, so I didn't want to crush him by telling him it took up far too much space to keep. Instead, I decided to compromise. Starting with the convection oven, I began to strip the kitchen of everything that was out that we didn't use on a daily basis.

It took about four hours and a lot of cabinet reorganizing, but I was able to tuck away the oven and our KitchenAid, find a place in the pantry for my canisters of sugar and flour, and tuck our huge cutting board out of sight. Over the course of the cleaning, I realized that we didn't need our juicer or homemade kefir out either. It had gotten crazy, and we'd given up so that everything on our counter was an after-thought. Once I saw how beautiful our counter looked, I felt inspired to go a few steps further and ordered a beautiful set of dish soap that made everything look more streamlined. 

While I still haven't done a massive spring cleaning throughout the house, it was amazing how overhauling one room made such an enormous difference. It also served as a helpful reminder to question the things you think you need out every day—in the end, the inconvenience of taking it out of a cabinet each time can be worth it. Our kitchen feels so much bigger now, and I feel happier that I can use it without first having to sift through the clutter. Next up: Our bathroom.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.