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Reflections in Rentals

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In the eight years I've been in L.A., I've lived in four different apartments. There was the sun-filled spot I shared on Beverly Glen, a charming place plunked on one of the busiest streets in the city. I moved out after a few months, anxious to have my own space, no matter the size. My little studio above Sunset was funky, with an overgrown, jungle-like exterior and eccentric neighbors. But the room was bright and airy and the pool provided a nice refuge during the hot summer months. From there I moved in with Geoffrey, thrilled to share his one-bedroom apartment, even though the space (with its wall-to-wall carpeting and popcorn ceilings) wasn't exactly charming. It's where we brought home Luna, a scrawny kitten who, on the ride home from the shelter, changed our lives forever. And there's our current place. My chest tightens when I think about leaving here. It's been home since 2010 and the memories created within these walls are some of my best. So here are a few glimpses from over the years, from the random spot by the back door where I shot so many food posts (ah the natural light!) to my favorite place by the living room window. It's been a good run and I can't wait to make our new house a home.










Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.