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Operation Organization: Closet Edition

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As I've mentioned before, I'm organizationally challenged, which is why I hired heather|brookes interior organization to help me with my closet and office (which you can see here). There are a lot of great qualities about our new place; the exposed beams in our living room, the built-in bookshelves and curved archways throughout. But I'll admit the biggest selling point was the walk-in closet in the master bedroom (my fiancé generously took the two closets in the guest room). Here are a few guidelines I now follow to keep everything in order.


Since I have a lot of dresses, I made sure they're front and center. I also now exclusively use these slimline hangers since they're super thin and clothes don't slide off. I don't own a lot of pants, so I fold my jeans and hang all other trousers. Belts are hung on a hanger (with hooks) and scarves and tights are rolled up and kept in boxes. I hang my blazers and jackets above my sweaters and organize them all by color. I keep my favorite shoes at the front of my closet so I can see them all clearly and can grab them on my way out the door. At the top of my closet, I keep out of season shoes and bags I'm not currently using. I keep my skirts and shorts hung at the bottom of my closet, directly underneath my blouses so it's easy to coordinate outfits.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.