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Office Etiquette

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I love the idea of embracing a new year. It's a clean slate; with lots of opportunities ahead and a time to reflect on things that need improving. I decided to finally tackle the general lack of order in my life. I don't think there's a word that describes the level of disorganization that I exhibit, so I hired professionals. Enter:

heather|brookes interior organization

. They helped me with my two biggest problem areas (closet post is coming soon!) and implemented systems that are aesthetically pleasing and simple to maintain.


I used to have old magazines stacked everywhere. Now I keep this rack filled only with current issues.


My desktop file was updated with all white folders for a clean, streamlined look. It contains all the general categories that are now in my (new!) file cabinet, so when I don't have time to truly organize, I just throw things into their corresponding category.


My master file cabinet contains all of the main categories (in fun, color-coordinated shades), which are then broken down into specific sections.


My desk drawer used to hold important things like gum wrappers and old receipts. Now I have lucite dividers that actually ensure that each item has its own place!


I now keep things like stationery and photographs in boxes so they're easy to access, but not spilling out of my desk drawers.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.