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Our Office Reveal

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Office Reveal_Couch (Hero).jpg

Getting our office in working order (pun somewhat intended) has been my labor of love for the past eight months. We started with a pink wall as homage to our brand color, and slowly but surely built from there. After so many consecutive years working from home, it's been an exciting journey to furnish a space that’s beautiful and functional for our business - one we've brought two new employees into, and intend to bring many more.

The process of furnishing such an open floor plan - with great potential - was intimidating at times. In the beginning, I considered working with an interior designer and getting help in that regard. But ultimately I decided I wanted the challenge and satisfaction of making it a wholly personal process, and I'm thrilled I did. It's been immensely fulfilling to see it come together, knowing the story behind each item sourced and feeling proud of the decision-making and work involved, versus outsourcing that all to someone else.

It's also been a collaborative endeavor as we've expanded our team. I want our employees to feel included in the journey and inspired to make an imprint on their workspace—and most importantly, excited to come to work each day. Alina and I went to the flea market early on where we struck bar cart gold (you'll see what I mean, below); and our amazing new addition, Leslie, recently helped stock it with colorful glassware after perusing a decor store in Silver Lake. Everybody pitches in and keeps an eye out for cool things on the market, which makes the evolution of the office quite fun.

In addition to the routine joy (and increased productivity) I get coming in here and working with our team, it's especially rewarding to host visitors. Whether it’s people we work with on our clothing line, our manager, Cupcakes and Cashmere contributors, or potential collaborators, lighting up the neon sign and welcoming people into our official brand headquarters feels amazing. Without further ado, here are the photos and details. 

Common Desk Area.png
Office Reveal_Fiddle Leaf.jpg
Office Reveal_Desk Area.jpg

Alina, Leslie, our interns (who rotate days), and Geoffrey, who alternates between coming in and working from home, sit at the cluster of desks pictured above. The desk tops are from Ikea, so to make them look special I ordered wood-and-gold legs. Desks are typically an afterthought, so I loved the idea of having simple ones that still made an impact. 

We play music throughout the day from the Crosley record player in the corner and our Sonos system. Sometimes it's coffee house chill, sometimes it's feel-good pop, but we take turns picking stations. With the soothing scene depicted in the oversized beach triptych, and the effect of the large plant (which made such an immediate difference in the feel of the place), it's a serene little set-up. 


Beach triptych: Gray Malin (though all of Gray's triptychs are incredible)
Chandelier: Park Studio
Desktops: Ikea
Desk legs: Pretty Pegs
Desk area rug:
Office chairs: West Elm (similar style here
Striped throw over desk chair: World Market (similar style here)
File cabinet: The Container Store (similar style here
Record player: Urban Outfitters 
Gold waste bin: Vintage
Lucite chair: eBay (similar style here
Striped pot: Pop Up Greens

My Desk.png
Office Reveal_Shelf1 (1).jpg
Office Reveal_Emily Desk2 (1).jpg
Office Reveal_Emily Desk1.jpg
Office Reveal_Sketch from Desk.jpg

Because there are so many bright, light, fun pops of pink and feminine elements in the office, I wanted something really heavy and moody to balance it all out. I fell in love with these deep blue velvet chairs instantly. They really ground the space, adding rich texture and drama. This is where people sit when we're meeting to go over something, and the chairs act as somewhat of a barrier between 'my office' and the common work area. 

The desk is in fact a dining table, so it lacks drawers, which I was able to get away with because the console behind me offers ample storage. As another Ikea hack, I had a custom walnut top made for the white lacquer cabinets (they're actually meant to be above-fridge storage). It made the whole thing look way more luxe and the fact that it's off the floor keeps the space from feeing cramped.

The iceberg art was made by a friend of ours who's an artist. I adore the walnut frame and turquoise color palette. 


Desk: West Elm
Office chair: Zuo (similar style here
Lucite stool: Vintage
Blue chairs: Jonathan Adler
My desk area rug: HD Buttercup (similar style here
Floating console: Ikea cabinets + custom walnut slab
For Like Ever poster: Domino 
Lamp: Cupcakes and Cashmere
Striped throw: World Market (similar style here
Iceberg print: Jimmy Thompson
Face vase: Vintage
Gold peace sign: Jayson Home & Garden
C&C lucite letters: C. Wonder 
Neon acrylic box: Unbranded (similar style here
Cactus pot: Pop Up Greens
Brass vase: Ferm Living
Magazine rack: Anthropologie
Leather mouse pad: Etsy (similar style here
Bookshelves: West Elm (no longer available, similar here)

Sofa Area.png
Office Reveal_Couch Detail 2.jpg
Office Reveal_Couch Detail 1.jpg
Office Reveal_Sheepskin Chair.jpg
Office Reveal_Couch Detail 3.jpg
Office Reveal_Sheepskin Chair 2.jpg

One of the first things I knew I wanted for the space was a large-scale pink sofa. I wanted it to look sophisticated and on-brand, and my search stopped when I stumbled upon the Anthropologie Willoughby Sofa. I envisioned it being the central unifying piece in a large space with huge ceilings and windows, and industrial concrete floors - and it wildly exceeded my expectations. It's the first thing people see when they walk in, underneath a custom neon sign with our brand name. 

Overall, I wanted the common meeting space to feel super cozy and inviting. The plush white rug, fuzzy throws over the chairs, and plethora of pillows help achieve that. When guests first arrive, we usually sit there and chat, then move to my desk area to dive into business. It also provides a great place to switch up the scenery from sitting in one place all day. Alina and Leslie will periodically move from their desks to the sofa area to work, then back, throughout the day. I often mosey over to sit and relax while I take a call, craft an Instagram, or do some writing. It's also where we conduct our weekly editorial brainstorms. 


Sofa: Anthropologie (in Petal)
Neon sign: Best Buy Neon Signs
Sofa area rug: Lulu & Georgia
Coffee table: Ultra Modern
Rattan chairs: Amsterdam Modern (similar style here)
Sheepskin throws: Flea market
Pink tray: Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Pillows: All Cupcakes and Cashmere except for the eye pillow and the red/pink lumbar pillow
Gold triangle pot: Pop Up Greens

Bar Cart and Kitchen.png
Office Reveal_Mirror (1).jpg
Office Reveal_Bar Cart.jpg
office reveal kitchen1.jpg

Though we need to get better about utilizing the kitchen to its full capacity, it's useful to have a place where we can gather around and eat, cook (if we wanted to), and conduct shoots. The kitchen gets good light over the island, so we often set things up on the counter for photographing. It's a relatively simple space that I like to keep clean and stocked with fresh flowers. We also keep champagne in the fridge at all times, so we've been known to bust open a bottle and cheers to Friday around the island. 

We custom-designed all of our planters with Pop Up Greens, and the one that hangs next to the fridge might be my favorite. I love the way the stringy chains of the plant hang down over the wall-mounted skull bottle opener. While that slim wall could have gone totally unnoticed, it now makes for a nice - and functional (via the bottle opener) - 'moment.' 

Across from the fridge is the bar cart. Alina and I found this on one very fortuitous trip to the Rose Bowl flea market. We left with the bar cart, the marble side table pictured below, and the amazing vintage orange rug (also below). I like surrounding a bar cart with plant life so it doesn't feel stale. 


Bar cart: Vintage (from the flea market)
Lamp: Serena and Lily
Shark bottle opener: CB2
Marble candle holder: Menu
L.A. beach glasses: Sisters of Los Angeles
Star sculpture: OK! (similar style here)
White and blue color-blocked pot: Pop Up Greens
Pink and orange circle pot: Pop Up Greens
Skull bottle opener: Rejuvenation (similar style here)
Lucite barstools: Lulu & Georgia
Long mirror: West Elm 

Entryway and Bathroom.png
Office Reveal_Entryway.jpg
Office Reveal_Bathroom3EDITED.png

Our office roof deck has an incredible pool and hot tub, which makes for quite the work perk. I encourage our employees to take advantage of the amenity, and stocked the office bathroom with towels for just that purpose. Though we have yet to take a mid-day dip, it's our first summer in the office and I'm confident many upcoming 90-degree days will warrant a water break. I'd also like for one Friday to unfold into a wine-and-hot-tub night, as I wrote in my spring to-do list

Similarly, I'm sent so many beauty products that the situation at home has been out of control for awhile; so I wanted to set up a company beauty 'closet' for people to try things. It also encourages me to give new products a shot, and pop in for a quick pick-me-up before shooting an outfit post. 

The bathroom is so big that it truly feels like its own room. I love that with the shelving, rug, and towel 'installation' (if you will), it feels like a little spa haven/escape. 

The entryway provides a place for guests to wait and a staging area for outfit shoots. We keep current items from the Cupcakes and Cashmere clothing line on display on our clothing rack, rotating out by seasons. Before heading out to photograph, I can sit down on the bench to change shoes, and check my makeup in the mirror. Entryways tend to be neglected and under-designed areas, so I wanted to make it more of an experience. 


Circular mirror: CB2
Wood slatted bench: Etsy (similar style here)
Orange entryway rug: Vintage 
Marble console table: Vintage
Copper clothing rack: DIY 
Plus wall stickers: Chasing Paper
Red and pink bathroom rug: West Elm
Towel shelf: CB2 (similar style here)
Product shelf: Ikea

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.