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7 Tips for Creating a Cozy and Inviting Bed You'll Look Forward to Sleeping In

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You know how in movies, anytime someone gets into bed, it looks so inviting? Everything from the pillows fluffed just-so to the cozy comforter. It wasn't until I was well into adulthood that I took the time to really examine my bedding situation, and figured out that there's a formula to creating that picture-perfect vibe that's not only beautiful but makes you excited to get into bed every night, no matter the season. Swaps like buying 100% organic cotton, GOTS certified, non-toxic sheets from Boll & Branch, and changing the way we layer and make the bed made all the difference. Boll & Branch is a brand we've used for over a year for its ethically sourced bedding and heirloom quality..  In case you're looking to swap or improve your bedding situation, I've shared our "formula" below:

It should go without saying that all of this is open to personal preference, so your taste might be different to mine, but most beds start with a fitted sheet. You can either go in one of a few directions: Sateen sheets, cool and crisp percale, broken-in linen that looks weathered and vintage-inspired, warm flannel, or 100% cotton, which I feel is the best of both worlds.

G and I both sleep really hot and realized over time that we needed something more breathable, with 100% cotton. We initially bought Boll & Branch for our guest room when my mom complained about the poor quality of our scratchy guest sheets, and I soon realized how much we preferred those to ones G and I owned. We've since swapped all of our beds to Boll & Branch sheets, which are incredibly comfortable, made without harsh chemicals, and breathable for all seasons. 

G and I opt for a flat sheet for a few reasons: It's a light option for summertime, and creates a protective layer between your fitted sheet and duvet, so you don't have to wash the duvet as often (something I hate doing more than most things in life, and will do anything to avoid). I also love how it looks folded back and layered—more on that below.

In terms of colors, we've gone through so many iterations, but we've come back to keeping things really simple and neutral because you truly can't go wrong with white. And, while a single set of sheets is an investment, it's such a luxury to have two sets if you're able to, so that if something happens in the middle of the night (looking at Cali, who's had hair balls on the bed on more than one occasion...) or if you spill something, you can easily swap them out. Because all of our sheets are white, we don't have to worry about keeping sets separate, and can easily bleach stains to keep them bright as the day we got them.


We have a lightweight bed blanket between the duvet and flat sheet that we often sleep with instead of a duvet, with the exception of winter. Your middle layer should be that perfect Goldilocks weight of a blanket, where you feel cozy and warm without overheating. 

I always choose one that has a nice weave and texture, and is where we'll experiment with color, since we prefer white sheets. To create warmth in our bedroom, we often make our bed with this really creamy blush option or the same waffle blanket in 'Natural,' from Boll & Branch, which looks so pretty when the bed is made and has such a plush texture, stretch, and feel. 

We keep our duvet folded at the end of the bed, with the seam facing the pillow, so we can reach for it easily in the middle of the night, if we need it. I know some people will opt for a duvet that contrasts with the color of the sheets, or adds a pattern, but I prefer to keep things simple and have a duvet that matches the bright white of the sheets. If you do like to add color with your duvetBoll & Branch has so many color options to choose from, including beautiful greys and blues. I also appreciate that Boll & Branch's duvet insert is easy to wash and has a zipper closure. 

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G and I each use two pillows while sleeping. I've gone through a million iterations because I'm a stomach sleeper, despite trying to transition to my back or side (I have a deep wrinkle on the side of my cheek, but it's #worthit—there's no cozier way to sleep). I sleep with a firm bamboo pillow either under me or cradled between my legs, and a down pillow for my head (or, in my case, face). Boll & Branch has a pillow for every type of sleeper, with options in soft, medium and firm, down or down alternative.


I remember the first time G and I decided to make our bed the way we do now. Which is to say, not simply pulling the duvet up and over our pillows. The first morning we made the bed, we felt like, "Do we really have the time to do this every morning?" But the entire process takes two minutes and is worth having a beautiful bed: 

We begin by removing all of the pillows, and fold the duvet down to the end of the bed. 

We then pull the top sheet and blanket taut to the top of the bed, then fold the top foot or two down so that you can see a peek of the flat sheet on top. Then, we tuck it into the edges of our bed (under your mattress works too, depending on the style of your bed). 

Finally, we place our four pillows back on the bed in two rows, and add two larger decorative pillows in front of those, with a lumbar pillow at the center. In the winter, we'll also occasionally layer a bed blanket on top of the folded duvet for a little texture—I love that it encourages spontaneous weekend naps (however rare those may be).

Our bedside tables can become a catch-all for a million things (particularly since we have a child who greets us each morning with a card or book—which I wouldn't trade for the world, but also means our bedsides table can become cluttered quite quickly). Otherwise, I corral my basics in a leather catch-all that holds hair ties, my lip mask, and iPad for reading before bed. It's helpful to think of your bedside tables as the frame for your bed—the final touch that pulls it all together, and makes bedtime that much more welcoming.


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Thank you to Boll & Branch—a bedding company I love—for partnering with us on this post! 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.