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My New Favorite Vintage Find


Flea markets can be overwhelming, but amidst all of the random objects and questionable smells, you can find some really special pieces. This past weekend I found this vintage gazelle bust and couldn't wait to get it home (it was well worth the long trek to my car where I nearly speared three people with its antlers). Despite its large size, I was fairly certain it would be a versatile piece that could work in several different places in our home. Here are three options I've been playing around with since Sunday.


In our bedroom, I used the antlers and ears for hanging bracelets and hats. Since space in the bedroom is limited, it was nice that it not only added dimension, but also served as a great place to store accessories.


The piece also worked well on the mantle. The ceiling in our living room is exceptionally high, so it helped create a nice sense of space by adding some height amidst framed photographs, geode candlesticks, and a single rose.


When decorating the coffee table, I made sure to cheat the gazelle to the side, so that it wouldn't interfere with people trying to talk. To balance the table a bit, I placed a stack of books on the opposite side and peppered in essential items like coasters, matches, and a candle.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links