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My 17 Desk Drawer Must-Haves

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Though I work from home, I spend most of my day in a designated office space. It's a conscious decision to separate work from my house, so I stock my drawers with the items that will keep me productive, organized, and most importantly, prevent me from wandering around the house in search of something work-related. Here, 17 office things that keep me in check, with a few personal additions that are simply around to make me happy.


1. Calligraphy pen (p.s. a cheater's guide to calligraphy here). 

2. A pretty "to-do list" that helps a busy day look less daunting.

3. A sweet note from one of my readers that I revisit on particularly bad days to brighten my mood.

4. Simple, occasion-less stationery


5. Pretty gold clip to easily pin back my hair if it's getting in my way while I'm working.

6. A Glue Stick to seal envelopes (think this Seinfeld episode).

7. The best iPhone lens attachment.

8. A Sharpie for labeling packages.

9. Wite-out for mistakes.

10. A lip balm that's as effective as it is pretty.


11. A gold spray painted toy cat that was part of the tongue-in-cheek decor from Rach's bridal shower she threw for me

12. Most people ditched gel pens around the time of their elementary school graduation. But I love the color selection and how smoothly they write, so they're still my pen of choice.


13. Chic paper clips.

14. Miniature clothes pins + safety pins. 


15. Matchsticks from one of my favorite restaurants (Gjelina) so I can easily light candles in the office.

16. Pretty stamps (see item number 4).

17. Twine for last minute gifts or bud vase bouquets.(Acrylic desk dividers available here)

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.