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Movin' Out

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After two years of toiling away in my small studio unit, I've finally decided to move to a larger place, which happens to be my boyfriend's apartment. While it's both exciting and a bit scary, one of the things I'm most looking forward to is some slight re-decorating. He actually has very nice taste (for a guy), but the current iteration of our apartment lacks some of the refined details only a caring girlfriend can provide. I've since taken a liking to slightly off-beat pieces so here are a few of my must-haves.


West Elm's

Antler Table Lamp

has such a wonderfully quirky take on home interior by bringing in an outside element from nature. Since I'm not exactly an outdoorsy kind of girl, I'm drawn to its sleek design made of white resin that will add a glamorous touch to an end table.


Domino Magazine

has been like my design bible, providing me with exceptional ideas that have been surprisingly applicable. This


fireplace, for example, is such a great way to enliven a space that has minimal architecture, and the mirror that's placed inside adds a contemporary spin, while simultaneously making the room look bigger.


While my boyfriend is wildly opposed to the notion of having a (fake) zebra rug, I'm oddly drawn to the idea. Since we're planning on painting the main wall of the living area a deep red, I think it would be a perfect way to accentuate the color. What's your take: to stripe or not to stripe?

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.