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Martha My Dear

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If I were only a few inches shorter, I would still don a mask on Halloween and attempt to trick-or-treat with the other children in my neighborhood. Since that's not exactly a possibility (and the idea's a bit creepy), I've found other ways to celebrate my favorite holiday. Last year, my friend Rachel, of Heart-of-Light, and I drove about an hour away to visit a pumpkin patch. Of course, we were the oldest ones there without children, but that didn't stop us from jumping in wheel barrows and laughing our way through the make-shift haunted house. This year, we've upgraded just a bit and will be attempting our own Halloween decorations. Since I now live with my boyfriend, I've promised to keep them tasteful and simple with a little inspiration from Martha Stewart.


Paper mice - If these were spiders, I couldn't deal, but these mice are such a fun option to decorate our entryway.


Silhouette Curtains - Not sure if the hanging body would bode well in Beverly Hills, but this would be so perfect for our two big windows facing the street. Glittered pumpkins - Such a festive way to add a bit of sparkle to a table or mantle. Do you have any annual Halloween traditions?


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.