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Loving Right Now


I feel like I'm at a slightly awkward age for art. I'm far from my college days when I was happy to tape just about anything to my walls, but I also can't waltz into a gallery to find a snazzy piece for my entryway. Though I've yet to even determine the type or genre of art I'm most drawn to (it all kind of intimidates me), one thing I know for certain: I never want it to look too done, too perfect. I love the look of leaning art in addition to hanging it, especially when the rest of the room looks finished (so it doesn't look like you're in a perpetual state of just-moved-in). It exudes the same sort of cool vibe you get from a girl who knows the exact way to offset a slouchy beanie with spiky stilettos and adds a bit of unexpected dimension to a space. Here are a few rooms I'm particularly drawn to, as well as my mantle to show how I've incorporated it into my own space.





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Products in this post may contain affiliate links