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Leslie's Light-Filled Portland Apartment is Unlike Anywhere She's Ever Lived

But it's only temporary...
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The apartment Jonah and I moved into in early November is unrecognizable from anywhere we've ever lived before. It's the first home we've shared that's under a hundred years old (in fact, it has another ninety-eight to go) and, as a result, it has far more amenities than quirks. It wasn't what we'd originally planned on, but it's also been a happy surprise that turned out to be exactly what we needed for this moment in our lives. When the living situation we'd first arranged fell through at the last minute, we decided to take the opportunity to trade in charm for a safe and secure bet. Our lives felt a little less in flux when we moved into a new building in the Northeast that lacks the Portland charm that initially drew us to the city, but provided a convenient and beautiful place to land.

There's no question that this apartment is the nicest we've ever lived in—I honestly don't feel grown-up enough to live here but, as cheesy as it sounds, it's been such a gift to have a beautiful place to come home to as we navigate the challenges that come from moving to a new city. I also really appreciate that every item has a home. Apart from buying fresh flowers, this is the first time I've shot an apartment and did zero styling—it's a clean and bright enough space that it always looks put together.

But for as beautiful as it is, it's also the first apartment we've ever moved into knowing it would be temporary. I'm hyperaware of every hole I put into the walls and every space-specific piece of furniture we consider because the ultimate goal is to move into a house, ideally within the year! (Turns out, I'll take creaky floors and funky layouts over double-pane windows any day.) I even debated whether I should share this tour, since we may move soon (depending how kind the housing market is to us). I'm also not putting as much of an effort into this home, since I know it isn't for the long haul. But I ultimately decided to share because I always think it's interesting to see where people live (then again, maybe I'm just noisy) and, since this is the third apartment I've shared on cupcakes and cashmere (see here and here), you'll be able to see how we've made our furniture work for yet another space! So let's dive in—here's Jonah's and my light-filled Portland apartment (with links to pieces at the end):

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IMG_4048 2
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You can see the evolution of these two pieces of art from our first rented room in New York to now, in this highlight!

You can see the evolution of these two pieces of art from our first rented room in New York to now, in this highlight!

IMG_4136 3
IMG_4176 2
IMG_4183 2
IMG_4254 2
IMG_4273 2
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West Elm Couch
Lulu and Georgia 'Roz' Chair
Suay Sew Shop Pillows
Samsung 43" Television
Sonos Sound Bar
George Oliver Credenza
Sony Record Player
Bluetooth Speakers
Antique Wooden Chairs
Target Coffee Table
Wood bowl made by Jonah
Side table made by Jonah
Birch lamp (you may recognize it from here!)
IKEA Floor Pillow (two, stacked)
Frames are all from Framebridge or Framed and Matted

West Elm Side Table
Vintage Candlestick Holders (sourced from Long Beach Flea Market)
LSA International Ribbed Glass Vases
Japanese woven basket from The Good Liver in L.A.
IKEA Floor Lamp
Tulip Dining Table
West Elm Dining Chairs
Canoe Chess Set

Food52 Vinyl Kitchen Mat
Heather Taylor Home Dish Towel
Cuisnart Coffee Maker
Vase from Japan
Airscape Coffee Canister
Cutting boards are from Food52, Material, and Sur La Table
Greenpans (colors are from Food52 and Goop collaborations)
IKEA Pan Rack (similar here)
Photo by Jonah's dad
Fruit baskets from Vietnam
Piggy bank is my mom's from childhood
CB2 Marble Utensil Holder
O-M Ceramics Mug

Urban Outfitters 'Amelia' Nightstand
The Inside Platform Bed
Parachute Home Sheets
Brentwood Home Yoga Bolster
Heath Ceramics Vase
Alarm Clock
Electrofan Noise Machine

Urban Outfitters Shelves
Umbra Shower Caddy

Cost Plus World Market Console
Target Bedding
Peloton Bike

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.