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Kitchen Essentials

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{Floating vase (tutorial here): perfect for kittens that love flowers}

Since I've shown glimpses of nearly all of the rooms in my place (like my closet, guest room, office and living room), I decided to snap a few photographs of my kitchen yesterday before preparing dinner. I spend an inordinate amount of time in there and wanted to create a space that I truly loved. It's become the center of our place, both literally and figuratively - where guests come for a glass of wine and where my fianc? and I prepare meals while listening to music. I tried to take into account all the elements that would make for an aesthetically pleasing, yet functional, space and here are some of the things I've implemented since we moved in.


{View from the dining room}


{Anthropologie bowls make fruit more appealing}


{Knives kept on the wall save counter space and look industrial}


{A chalkboard that's perfect for leaving notes}


{Hanging pans fill an empty space over the stove}


{Squeeze bottles filled with olive oil and grape seed oil + different salts}


{Ikea canisters that hold a variety of tools}


{An iPod dock for playing music while cooking or cleaning}

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.