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Kitchen Confidential

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I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, so you'd think that my cabinets would be meticulously organized. Not so much. I heave things back onto shelves while cooking, which means that I can never find what I need, I accidentally buy doubles of items, and am constantly left with a giant mess.

Last year I hired

heather|brookes interior organization

to get my




in order and I finally decided to do the same thing with my kitchen (after I bought my third box of baking soda). I now have beautifully organized cabinets that display all of the contents in a way that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Since I find it fun to peek into other peoples' kitchens, here's a glimpse of mine along with a few simple tips.




Instead of lining up your sauces and spices in a row (making them impossible to see), put them on a Lazy Susan (I use this one for spices and this one for sauces).


Use containers (I have these) to corral items you reach for the most (for me, that includes a lot of baking supplies) and use a label maker to easily identify them.


I used to have a massive bin with all of my packaging supplies loosely floating around. I now keep them in

separate containers

organized by category (ie decorative ties, cupcake liners, and bags).


My favorite new addition is the

tiered shelving

that allows me to stack items so I can see what's in the very back.


I traded in my wire utensil holder (that was about 8" too small) for one (


) that now fits perfectly and doesn't wiggle around every time I open the drawer.


My various types of flour now line the top shelf. Since I use them often, but not on a daily basis, they didn't need to be front and center on the bottom shelf.


Perhaps the smallest change that had the biggest impact:

lined drawers

. My old drawers suddenly feel new with sweet dotted liners.


Sprinkles, glitter, and food coloring now have a home in one, easy-to-grab basket.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.