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Kitchen - Before

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It took us over a year before we found our house and the minute we walked through the front door, we knew it was the one. It was more or less perfect for us, with just a few things that needed to be updated (some tweaks to the kitchen, new paint and refurbishing the floors). We had a good idea of the look and feel of the kitchen we wanted, which would essentially stay the same, but utilize the space even better for cooking and entertaining.

The biggest project was replacing the island to include a new slab and a customized area below that would allow for more storage space and room for four seats around the bar. We were torn on whether or not to use marble, which has always been my favorite, but has several downsides (it stains, chips and etches easily). I read countless articles stating the pros and cons, visited multiple stone yards and actively searched for man-made alternatives that had the same look, but found nothing that I truly loved. We almost just went for it (it wouldn't be that bad if I had to constantly hover over guests with coasters if they were drinking red wine, right?), until we discovered dolomite. It's a natural stone in the same color family as marble (with plenty of wonderful gray veining), but it's far more durable.

Here's a glimpse at the original kitchen with the final shots coming on Thursday morning!







Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.