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16 Items I'm Considering for My Home Right Now

From the prettiest vase to ethereal wallpaper.
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We moved into our new home in December and while we had to put indoor renovations on hold because of Covid-19, we've managed to get back on track with the furnishings. Katie Hodges has been responsible for the interior design, but since I've also spent an inordinate amount of time browsing online interior sites, I figured I'd share some of the cute pieces I've come across!

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Woven Placemat. Since socially-distanced dinners will most likely be the norm for the foreseeable future, creating an appealing outdoor tablescape is one of the things I'm most excited about. These woven placemats are simple, classic, and ideal for an elevated alfresco dining experience that lets the food remain the focal point.


Over The Border Wall Art. Finding affordable art that can fill the small, awkward spaces around your home can be challenging. This piece is subdued, but quietly serene and the color palette would work with just about anywhere.

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Colina Reactive Glaze Vase. One of the things I miss most about my 'old life' is visiting flea markets and antique malls. This vase looks like the kind of treasure I'm always on the lookout for, and at $20 I've been considering both the 'cream' and 'blue multi' for holding daisies or palm fronds.

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Sandia Melamine Dinnerware. I told G that I was on the hunt for slightly unexpected outdoor plates (i.e. not just plain white like I always go for), so he was surprised when I showed him this option. The terracotta print looks so realistic that he just assumed it was made of the fragile material and not actually out of melamine. I love how they're kid-friendly and more closely mirror something straight out of a cool pottery studio.

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Open Weave Basket. I never feel more like my mom than myself when I'm piling misplaced items at the bottom or top of the stairs ready to be taken to their proper spots. But instead of creating safety hazards for people to trip over, I love the idea of keeping gorgeous woven baskets that can corral odds and ends (and make the trips up and down flights a lot easier).

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Chen and Kai Areaware Bowl: While I don't have much of a green thumb, I love that this planter—a chic take on classic terracotta—lifts to reveal a hidden saucer that could serve as a jewelry dish. 

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3-Piece Pink Glass Mixing Bowl Set. For someone who bakes as often as I do, and is a sucker for pale pink anything, it's pretty much established that I need this set of vintage-inspired bowls in my life.

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4-Pack Coasters: I bought two sets of these faux leather coasters in taupe and can't wait to trade them for the strategically placed magazines I'm using on our coffee tables. Coasters can get oddly expensive and these are kid-friendly and the contrast piping adds a nice touch.

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Nuvolette Wallpaper: The floral wallpaper in our last powder room was one of my favorite moments, so I've been wanting to do something similar in our new home. Though I don't want to recreate the same exact look, something dreamy like this wallpaper would create a lot of visual interest in a plain, poorly lit bathroom. 

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Adelaide Mirror: Speaking of updating our powder room, this is a great shape for a mirror, floating right above the sink, flanked by little sconces. It mimics a much higher-end version I'd also been looking at, at a much more reasonable price point. 

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Bottle Vase: The matte white of this vase, hand-thrown by ceramicist Tracie Hervy, would look just as beautiful with eucalyptus as it would with monochrome white garden roses. 

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Decorative Rose Vine Garland. I'm not one for fake flowers around the house, but would make an exception for this rose garland. I envision something like this draped atop a cream-colored tent with fairy lights strewn inside for a little hideaway for Sloan.

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Norr Tray. We've never had a delicate dining or coffee table before and our new ones require us to be a lot more careful. I've been looking for things like runners, coasters, and trays that will give us a bit of wiggle room when it comes to placing drinks and vases and this one is understated and timeless.

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Luisa Bonne Nuit Set. This is admittedly a ridiculous price to pay for a carafe and glass (in my favorite color combo, to boot), but I can't think of a chicer way to upgrade your bedside table. This would last all of one day in my room between scampering cats and an acrobatic five-year-old, but a girl can dream.  

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Large Seagrass Candle Lantern. These would add a beachy vibe to our backyard and cast a pretty glow over the dinner table. 

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Scalloped Glass Vase. I bought one of each of these little bud vases that are dainty and serve as the ideal vessel for single rose stems. Be forewarned: they're very light, which shouldn't be a problem unless if you have nosy cats (and I just end up filling them to the brim with water to add a bit of weight).

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.