How To: Shuck Oysters

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Do you have certain foods that you dislike, but wish you actually enjoyed? That was the case with me (eggs, sunny side up, mushrooms any way, eggplant, etc) and I decided that I was simply going to get over my aversions - and it worked, mostly, except for cold sour cherry soup, (don't ask). The most recent example is raw oysters. I used to find them revolting - the texture freaked me out, the smell, the whole idea of them. But something changed in the last couple of years and when I'd see people enjoying them, usually at fancy restaurants by the beach, I was intrigued. I finally gave them a fair shot and it's safe to say I'm a complete convert. I'm a big fan of any kind of food that involves fantastically fresh ingredients and condiments; and they've since become my go-to order anytime I'm looking to celebrate. For Valentine's Day this year, I thought it would be fun to have them at home, so here's a quick video on how to make them at home.