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What Happened When Marie Kondo Came to My House

And the home organization confession I was almost too afraid to make.
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Earlier this summer, I worked with a certified KonMari Consultant, Trisha, to help me organize my house. We tackled my closet, beauty, and kitchen, and for a few weeks, everything was perfect—my pantry looked like a magazine spread, and my bathroom counter was clutter-free. But then things began to slip... it didn't take long for our entryway to re-fill with boxes (a side effect of constantly receiving things for both our family and work), and our guest room has become something of a Shop showroom. At a certain point, I could barely squeeze more snacks into our pantry, which I'd given up on when a new item I purchased for Sloan didn't fit into the perfectly organized boxes. I fell back into my old strategy, which is essentially, "Jam it to the back until there's enough room to close the pantry doors." 

I felt a little embarrassed and a bit like a failure, but when I reached out to the KonMari team, they assured me that not only was it totally normal, but they had tricks for avoiding slip-back in the future. I was thrilled to learn that Marie Kondo herself (!) was available to help teach me tips for maintenance, and we spent an afternoon targeting my biggest pain points. While it's doubtful my home will ever look quite as immaculate as hers (especially after a long work week), I walked away from the afternoon feeling empowered and inspired to maintain my space. Take a look at the video below for her tips! 

P.S., To celebrate the launch of the brand's new blog, All Things KonMari'd, Marie will be taking over @shopcupcakesandcashmere today to personally answer your questions! Submit your questions to Stories by 10 AM, PST and Marie will answer her favorites later today on @shopcupcakesandcashmere!

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Photos by M.K. Sadler for KonMari, video by Yayo Ahumada for KonMari 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.