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How Jess Upgraded Her Minimal, Chic, At-Home Office

A peek at my office oasis inside my bedroom.

For nine months, my "office space" alternated between our dining table and kitchen counter...and I loved it. Because our home gets great natural light, both spots felt spacious and welcoming when I sat down each morning–the proximity to the fridge was just an added bonus. 

But starting around October, the monotony started to kick in, and working from home no longer felt exciting. I began to notice that, because the areas I was working in served a dual purpose (I'd go from working at the kitchen counter right to cooking dinner at the kitchen counter), there was very little separation between work and non-work hours.

After the realization that our new WFH situation wasn't as temporary as we'd thought it'd be and a few conversations about the future layout of our home (having a guest room no longer seemed practical), we decided to transform the guest room into a functioning office for Justin and rearrange the layout of our bedroom to be better suited as an office for me. Both have doors that can close if we were on calls, a refreshing amount of sunlight, and, since they're on opposite sides of our home, give the illusion that we "head to work" in the mornings, rather than being on top of each other all day.

I'd been warned that waking up in the same place I'd be working in all day might not be a wise decision, so I made a commitment to building an "office" that brought me joy from the moment I opened my eyes. A wireless mouse and keyboard, laptop stand, and monitor were nonnegotiable, and I knew a rotating bouquet of flowers, candles, and decorative objects would keep the space fresh and inviting. In the end, I'm thrilled with the results and look forward to spending hours here each day–and don't anticipate getting tired of it any time soon. Below, are a few photos of my space, and links:


Artwork: Vintage Picasso print and frame from The Mart Collective
Sconce: Serena and Lily
Vase: H&M Home
Desk: Lulu & Georgia
Floral bouquet: Flowerboy
Laptop stand: Poppin
Wireless keyboard and mouse: Apple
Mousepad: Amazon
Notebooks: cupcakes and cashmere planner (exact style sold out, similar here) and Moleskine 
Marble tray: H&M Home
Candle: Burning Rose by Byredo
Hand sanitizer: Alibi NYC


White chair: Purchased from Lulu & Georgia, but now available on Burke Decor
Black leather chair: AllModern (but found it on sale here!)

The tupperware holds some of Mimi's treats!

The tupperware holds some of Mimi's treats!

Rainbow jewelry organizer: The Shop
Lip balm: La Botica (no longer available)
Blue light glasses: The Book Club
Lint brush: Amazon
Pens: Uni EMOTT Fineliner and Le Pen


Monitor: Brought home from the cupcakes and cashmere office, HP
Artwork: Parisian print with nude woman from Mart Collective
Metal trash can: Old Target, similar here

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.