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Home Of My Own


I recently visited the new home of some friends and it inspired me to think about the things that I would include once I purchase my own place. After I moved in with my boyfriend, I had to taper my ultra-feminine taste a bit, but (I hope) the spaciousness of a house will allow for more leniency on his part. Below are just some of the ideas that I'll keep locked away we move:


A red lamp adds a splash of color to a neutral office.


A french envelope tray on a bedside table is a perfect place to store jewelry.


A canopy bed made of minimalist metal keeps it from looking too princess-y.


I'd place a mirror atop this antique-inspired desk for an organized place to apply make-up.


Regardless of whether this chair looks like the one Aiden made for Carrie *sigh,* it has all the right proportions for curling up with a cup of hot chocolate and a knit throw.

For an organized list of interior decorating sites, check out Domino's favorite sources here before it's gone forever.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links