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Home Goods


{A glossy Greyhound now lives in the middle of our fireplace}

We've had all of the necessities in our place for a while (a couch, dining room table, etc.), but it's the little details that take the longest to figure out. My office (seen here and here) is close to being complete, but our walls are still almost entirely bare everywhere else. Luckily two of the trickiest spots (the little nook by our front door and the space in our fireplace) are now filled. I found the Greyhound at Room Service (a recent discovery/obsession) and the bust at the flea market for $10.


{Bottles in sea glass greens now hold candles in the middle of our table}


{My Hellenic bust fits perfectly in the nook by the front door}


{Contrasting pillows in olive green, robin's egg blue

and gold}


{A rickety chair that I plan on transforming}

Products in this post may contain affiliate links