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Home Decor(ate)


It's no surprise, to anyone that knows me, that organization is not one of my strong points. For this reason alone, I rely on sites like seejanework.com that specialize in creating an orderly atmosphere in a stylish way. Since I couldn't pick just one thing to write about, and the entire site is currently 20% off through a promotional code at Domino Magazine, I opted to highlight three favorites. The 8 Days-A-Week Pad would help define the area that I currently designate as my desk. With bright colors separating each day of the week (and one extra as a cute shout out to a classic Beatles song), I might even start writing down the days I should be hitting the gym as a cheerful reminder. Though I've never noticed that my apartment is particularly windy, I've always been oddly drawn to paperweights. This Monogrammed version, available in ten luminous shades, is such a lighthearted way to bring a little color to my otherwise lackluster desk. Lastly, the Receipt Catcher, though simple in its conception, would most likely improve my life in a big way. Though it's doubtful that I would actually keep it up to date on a regular basis, for those few times a year when I actually empty out my wallet, I'd be willing to pay the $10 for this little box and file away the receipt with pleasure.


Products in this post may contain affiliate links