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{Early morning light in my bedroom}

I love how a quick trip can have the most profound effect on your daily life. When I arrived back in L.A., I promptly rolled down the car windows and breathed in the balmy air before heading out for some greasy Mexican food. Besides the weather and culinary advantages of living in California, it's just nice to be reminded of what you miss most about being away from home.

Also, a huge thank you to for sending me out to New York for Fashion Week and for taking such great care of me.


{It's good not to have to resort to the mini bar for spontaneous snack attacks. You'd be surprised at how easily the cost of pretzels adds up.}


{My boyfriend and I plan on catching up on missed shows and watching the Olympics. I think it embarrasses him how often I cry during sporting events.}


{Luna kept me up my first night back with spontaneous baths and a constant purr, but it was worth the loss of sleep to share my pillow with her.}

Products in this post may contain affiliate links