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Before and After: Chairs


A few weeks back, I scored two vintage Brown Jordan chairs at the flea market for an unbelievable price. The only problem was that they were an ugly, pea green with vinyl cushions that looked every bit their 40 years. I had been obsessed with this kind of chair after it appeared in nearly every issue of Domino Magazine (Jonathan Adler's version here) so I decided a little makeover was in order.



1. I primed the chairs with two coats of Krylon's oil-based primer and then spray painted them a glossy white.


2. I went to a lumber yard that custom cut wood to fit the chair seat. My next stop was a foam store where they cut the foam 1/4" larger than the wood and used a spray glue to adhere the two. I finished the top with batting, that I glued to the foam, so that it would create a clean curve and extend the life of the cushion.


3. I picked out a durable cotton fabric and cut out the shape of the cushion leaving a 4" border. Once the pattern was centered, I pulled the fabric taut over the edges (starting with the front and back) and stapled it to the frame. I then secured the sides and made sure to overlap the corner pieces perfectly for streamlined edges.


4. Once everything was securely stapled, I trimmed the extra fabric from the bottom.


5. I secured the finished seat cushions onto the chair.



Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.