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Bedroom Basics

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After our rather hurried attempt to purchase bedding this past weekend, it got me thinking about the general guidelines I follow when it comes to creating a tranquil sleeping space. My bedroom is one of my favorite spots - the windows open up to a sea of red bougainvillea, it's calm and tranquil, and it's the place I miss the most when I'm away from home. My list is short and simple, but since I'm always curious how other people set up their bedrooms, I thought I'd share mine:



. I used to have a nightstand that was overflowing - chapstick, a glass of water, magazines, stacks of books, framed pictures...the list goes on. I now keep it relatively sparse with just some simple essentials.


Buy the best bedding you can afford

. This is a motto I've only recently adopted, as I used to scoop things up simply because they were on sale, not because I particularly liked them. But since you spend so much of your time in bed, it shouldn't merely be an afterthought.



. I look forward to watching TV in a hotel bed from the moment I check-in, but we don't have one in our bedroom at home. I think it helps promote a more restful sleep, and I always find I'm more relaxed when I read before bed instead of watching TV.



Change with the season

. I used to use the same comforter on my bed throughout the year, only changing up the duvet cover. Now I love the tradition of changing our sheets and switching to a lighter blanket once the weather warms up.


No clocks

. The moment I removed the clock from my bedside table (it's now across the room), I started sleeping a lot sounder. In the past I would check the time throughout the night, calculating just how much (or little) time I had left in bed. That only perpetuated the issue and now since I have no way of knowing the time, I simply fall back asleep.


Pick a palette

. I love the idea of an all-white bed, but it just wasn't practical for our two very active (and messy) cats. I wanted our bed to still feel crisp and neutral, so we still added some white elements, but with a charcoal-colored quilt and shams with a cashmere throw in a light gray.



Always make the bed

. This isn't just about having a bed that looks presentable, but it also gets your day started on the right foot. I once heard that if you begin your day by accomplishing something (even if it's as simple as making the bed), it sets the stage for productivity.


Keep a blanket at the foot of the bed

. This is one of the quickest ways to make a bed look inviting and it's ideal for impromptu naps.


Embrace fresh air

. While candles and diffusers are great, nothing beats fresh air. We keep our windows open pretty much around the clock since I love a cool breeze when I'm cuddled up under the covers.


Window coverings

. We keep our windows uncovered during the week since natural light makes it a lot easier to get up in the morning. But during the weekends, it's nice to be able to draw the shades so that you don't feel pressured to get out of bed.


I'd love to know...what are your "rules of the bedroom?"

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.