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Ask the Art Experts: Tappan Collective

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The first art that I bought myself was at the Melrose Trading Post flea market. It was four portrait paintings of the Beatles and at $200, it was one of the biggest purchases I'd ever made. Buying art is one of those milestones that ushers you into adulthood, but finding pieces that don't blow your budget can be difficult.

To that end, I tapped Chelsea Neman and Jordan Klein, Los Angeles natives and graduates of University of Michigan’s art program (fine art and art history, respectively) who noticed a lack of attention to young artists. They knew plenty of extraordinarily talented people who struggled to exhibit and sell their work. Pair that with a gap in the market for affordable art, and the proverbial light bulb went off. Neman and Klein created Tappan Collective, named after the U of M’s Tappan Fine Arts Library, where they spent many a night fostering both their love for art and their friendship. Their business focuses on curating beautiful art at approachable prices. I asked the creative duo to choose the pieces they love, no matter what your home’s aesthetic.



“To achieve an ultra modern look, keep the colors and forms minimal. Although muted, modernism should never feel empty. Keep a close eye on the details because that’s where the elegance lies. Their delicate details become the objective of the piece…showing just how fierce simplicity can be.”



“Because traditional homes rely on saturated palettes for rugs and furniture, we picked pieces to mirror the intensity in both color and subject. Abstract and figurative paintings add dimension and drama to just about any space."



“This style is distinctively Californian, even though the aesthetic is far away from the beach. We chose pieces that reflect the earth tones seen in desert rocks, roads, and plants. The light palette, would look great alongside succulents and on while walls.”



“These pieces reflect the the bohemian set who surround themselves by beauty, and live at ease. This style can be interpreted a number of ways, we call it “eclectic”. Influenced by many things along the way, but essentially carries with it, the ease with oneself. Notice the softer moments, colors, and the arrangement of objects in these photographs and prints. Although uniquely their own, each piece ultimately works with each other just as well."



"California beach culture practically invented the word “vibe”. This selection of works highlights the colorful and playful touches that beach towns have down pat. Hang these up and it’ll be like it’s summer all year round.”



Loft-living usually mean dark flooring, exposed ceilings, and big windows with city views. The edgy and masculine pieces we chose can modernize a refurbished warehouse. Large formatted artwork can make a stark living space look polished and cool.”

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.