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Anthropologie Adoration

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I've long been a fan of Anthropologie for their vintage-inspired dresses and store displays that are so pretty, I'd be happy to move right in. Since their clothes are so tempting, I almost always overlook their incredible selection of bedding, kitchenware and bathroom accessories that are consistently sweet, colorful and unique. I've picked three pieces from Anthropologie that would add character to any room in my new apartment. Every time I visit a local Farmers' Market, I leave with armfuls of big and vibrant flowers. Though I like the idea of a brightly colored vase to match, I wouldn't want the two to clash, which is why this Sleek Vase would be the perfect complement. I love how looks like something that would have been passed down from a grandmother with its silver painted glass and sturdy construction. Weekday mornings are usually spent flying around the apartment trying to get everything in order, but for lazy weekends, I would love to drink my OJ out of one of these Fleur-de-lys Glasses. The tinted glass reminds me of a seaside cafe in Mexico and the ornate texture would add a nice element to a table filled with sleek silverware and dainty dishes. My skills in the kitchen are limited to licking the bowl after someone else has made brownies and making messes. While I'm clearly not an accomplished chef, this 3-D Toile Half Apron would come in quite handy for both of those important duties. Plus, I'm a sucker for ruffles and ruching and the combination of those paired with the little pocket in front might just be enough to inspire me to learn how to cook.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.