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An Update on Our Main Bathroom Renovation and Powder Room

Bringing in my favorite elements from the rest of the house...
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Our main bathroom was of the things that sold me on our house—at least the space and size of it. It's on the top floor with massive windows that look out over the eucalyptus trees, so the view is incredible. It gets amazing light, but none of it felt like our aesthetic, so we've been working with Thea Home, Inc. to rebuild it from the studs up. I wanted to share a few updates, from a conversation I recently had with Leslie:

Our bathroom, before

Our bathroom, before

There was a lot of cabinet space, but the bureaus featured apothecary-like tiny drawers. I could never fit anything substantial into them. And while I appreciate and love a big bath, ours was built in like a monolith (I jokingly referred to it as "my boat," since it took up half the room). Plus, the aesthetic simply didn't match the rest of our home.

We're keeping the general layout the same, but we're adding both of our sinks to an area immediately to the right of where you walk in. On the other wall will be my area to put on makeup with ample storage and a little stool. That was one thing I learned to love from this bathroom—there was a vanity where I was able to sit, which became something I wanted to incorporate into our new bathroom.

In our bathroom in our last house, we had a couple of really deep drawers that were hard to keep organized, so we'll have more that are shallow but wide, as well as some upper cabinetry that will flank the mirrors.

Our main bathroom mood board

Our main bathroom mood board

We wanted the space to feel really clean, tranquil, and spa-like with light wood where everything is very neutral. I've shared our mood board above, which shows off the neutral vibe, with earth tones and textures that add dimensions (similar to the rest of our home). At the end of the day, we wanted our main bathroom to match the rest of our house. 


The bath is another thing I learned to really love. The lip and area surrounding the bath was way massive...That being said, I initially thought I might go the route of a freestanding floating tub, but opted to have a really simple built-in around it, using  limestone which will add a nice calming vibe. I'm keeping a small lip around it so I can still sit on the edge, or add a candle or have my book and products on the edge (I do have a lot of products I like to display). It'll be a small tub without jets—ours feels so '90s with jets I've never used.

It'll be in the same place, but we're going to get a rainfall showerhead in the middle. G is the one who primarily takes showers, so he was in charge of that decision—and we'll be using an iridescent Moroccan Zellig tile.

I'm excited to have better light for applying makeup because the light will be behind me and project onto the mirror (as opposed to having just one side of my face lit by natural light). We toyed with Hollywood-inspired vanity lighting with bright bulbs but, because I like to use natural light, we're keeping lighting minimal!


Yes! We bought a Kohler toilet that's like a Japanese toilet that opens and has all the bells and whistles. It's literally been in our garage since January 2020, so it's been a long time coming.

We opted not to do wood flooring, just because we're not that careful of people, so if Sloan is taking a bath, I don't want to be worried about water splashing out and it warping. But we did want to incorporate the light wood floors that are in every other room of our house, so we'll be bringing that in through the light wood cabinetry.

Our powder room mood board

Our powder room mood board

Our powder room was one of my favorite spaces in our last house—it was a tiny space right off of our kitchen, so we wanted to make it feel like a jewel box of a space. 


While our powder room in this house is a little more tucked away, I wanted to replicate how special it felt when people walked into our old one. Last time, we went for photo-realistic, dramatic wallpaper. This time, I wanted something that felt more classic and timeless so we chose a much simpler pattern in olive shades that will also complement the rest of our house beautifully. We're planning on adding in a cement sink, which will be a contrast to the sleeker stones we're choosing for our main bathroom and kitchen. I liked the idea of it feeling a bit more rustic. And, we have these pretty sconces that almost feel like floating orbs. We're still trying to find the perfect mirror—in an ideal world, we'd find something with a unique shape that's vintage. But the hunt is part of the process! 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.