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The Design Trick We're Borrowing from Kids' Decor

Why you should reconsider rainbows.
Image via, rainbow art by @tessguinery

Image via, rainbow art by @tessguinery

Our entire team loves a whimsical or playful moment in our homes—something that feels like a small rebellion against adulthood. For Emily, that moment is the 'surfboardt' embroidery in Sloan's room, and Leslie loves her blush-pink dish ware, while Hannah displays her curated collection of glittery eyeshadow in her otherwise neutral bathroom. But it can be challenging at times to find playful home decor items that add a touch of fun, without going too cloyingly sweet or childish. We recently came across the perfect solution: subtle rainbows. Rather than leaning into a ROYGBIV, subtle rainbows have muted colors or simply use the shape of a rainbow as an elegant nod to saturated hues, without calling to mind unicorns and daisies. Here are some of our recent favorites—and ideas for incorporating them into your own home:


1. Rainbow Wall Rug ($119)
2. Diamond Rug (starting at $325)
3. Rainbow Planter ($100)
4. Watercolor Serving Bowl ($58)
5. Marcus Oakley Print (starting at $20) 
6. Rainbow Wall Arch ($90)
7. Brass Rainbow Trivet ($32)
8. Hand Painted Rainbow ($50)
9. Desert Stripes Sham Set ($39)
10. Rainbow Tumbler ($48)
11. Rainbow Trivet ($26)
12. Rainbow Embroidery ($33)
13. Rainbow Cushions ($51)
14. Oeuf Rug ($440)
15. Iris Mirror ($2,600)
16. Throw Pillow ($13)

Can't get enough rainbows? Here are a few of our favorite to wear...

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.