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4 Things I Loved in Our Old House (But Have Since Outgrown)

How I'm getting it right this time around.
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In some ways, I almost wish our new home was our first because I have a such a clearer idea of what my interior design style is at 36 than I did at 30. In the same way your clothing style changes, so does your interior style, but clothing is much easier to shift. Furniture and paint color are big investments from a financial standpoint, but also literally big in the sense that they take up space. You can't just swap out a rug or a couch with the same ease as a top. 

This time around, I'm prioritizing pieces that are rooted in classic, rather than trendy, designs and am being much more realistic about function. Sloan is no longer a baby so I don't have to avoid anything like sharp corners on a coffee table, but I do still have to consider colors, fabrics, and durability (since G and I are just as likely to spill pasta sauce on our couch as she is, if I'm being honest). As a result, quite a few things have changed between our old home and new—including a few pieces I thought I would always love. Here are four things I loved in our old home, but have since outgrown: 

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At one point, our gallery wall was my pride and joy. I worked so hard to piece it all together and really loved the mixed media I assembled. Now, it just doesn't feel up-to-date for our new space, and feels more like a trend that went the way of fiddle leaf figs. At the time, I invested in trendy pieces that felt like they went together. Instead, I'm trying to focus carefully curating pieces I love rather than filling up a wall (which G will be writing more about next week!). The art that rested on our bar cart, for example, is still one of my favorites and integrated seamlessly into the new house. I'll be focusing on falling in love with singular pieces that have an impact, rather than trying to follow a new design trend this time around. 

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Just a few years ago, gold accents were everywhere but turns out, gold isn't forever (though diamonds are ;). The trendy accents not only feel kitschy looking back, but they haven't lasted over the years. I also bought a lot of statement lamps, like a wood one or a printed orb, that felt really cool at the time and now feel completely out of place. Lastly, we truly had to dial back on our globe collection. We must've rounded up eight globes before our move, and that's just not a number anyone needs. 

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I used to buy books more for how they looked than the content they contained, which felt foolish when we were hauling heavy books to our new space. This time around, I'm planning on buying based on content first and design second so that we actually pull them off the shelves. 

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If you caught the Stories on Instagram, you know the dilemma I faced picking out rugs that were right for our new space, and it all stems from the fact that we picked incorrectly in our old home. Again, I initially gravitated towards trendy, fluffy designs instead of holding out for good vintage pieces that work in any room and make a statement, all while standing the test of time. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.