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11 Things for a Better Bookshelf


One of the best renovation decisions we made was adding two built-in bookshelves to our living room. It immediately brought a balance to the room and provided me with an open canvas to fill with my favorite keepsakes and books. I love interspersing the shelves with a unique collection of literature and decorative objects. Here are a couple of items that would add texture to any bookcase.


* images via Pinterest


1. Framed picture ($7.64)

2. Bud vase ($9.95)

3. Figurines ($225)

4. Bookends ($49.95)

5. Weighted rocks/geodes ($22)

6. Small plants or succulents ($34)

7. Candle ($70)

8. Storage boxes ($78)

9. Vintage book ($5)

10. Basket ($84)

11. Bowls ($90)

Products in this post may contain affiliate links