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10 Things from Lulu & Georgia's 10th Anniversary Sale

Brought to you by Lulu & Georgia
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I've been a fan of Lulu & Georgia since the beginning and nearly every room in our home has at least one item from their impressive site (see our guest room above with their pendant, side table, and lamp). In celebration of their 10th anniversary, I've partnered with them to share some of my favorite items that are part of their 25% off site wide sale–some of which I own and others that are currently in my cart!


Rook Mirror by Sarah Sherman Samuel: I've been in need of a new mirror for my office for a while and I finally found the one. It looks a lot like the vintage options I drool over online (that are quadruple the price), with soft lines and just enough details to have it become the focal point of any room. 


Old World Trees Peel + Stick Wallpaper: Wallpaper is the quickest way to dramatically change a space, which is why I've been considering this gorgeous tree print for Sloan's bathroom. Though we'll want to do a major overhaul eventually (sink, floor tiling, etc.) I want to make a few little tweaks with a new mirror, light fixture, and this wallpaper that's conveniently removable, should we decide to switch it up down the line. 


Gerard Footed Bowl: There's no such thing as owning too many chic bowls/vases/vessels since they can be used in countless ways around the house. This wood footed bowl would work just as well holding fresh fruit on the counter as it would being used to serve pasta at your next dinner party.


Flora Oil Cruet by SIN: Is this a lot to spend on an olive oil cruet? Absolutely. But for something that has a permanent spot on your counter (that you also use multiple times a day) it's also worth spending on. I bought this a couple of months back and get questions and compliments about it every time it's even remotely featured in my content. It not only looks great, but the little lip at the top also catches dripping olive oil, making it also incredibly functional.


Linen Napkins by MADRE: Linen napkins make for an excellent gift, which is why you should be stocking up on these ahead of the holidays while they're discounted. The color combo is fresh and unexpected and in a weird, Sisterhood-of-the-Traveling-Pants kind of way, would work no matter the color palette in someone's home.


Kita Floor Pillow: I've always had a thing for floor pillows since besides being a good option when you don't have room for more seating, they also have the potential for adding a seriously cozy vibe. The fabric of these is so cushy that you shouldn't be surprised if your guests choose these instead of the sofa.


Sayan Pendant Light: Adding this pendant light to our guest room made such an impact and took it to a whole new level. I like that it adds a nice texture while also allowing light through, which helped achieve the sort of neutral, lived-in California vibe I'm always going for.


Tate Bench: We no longer have room at the end of our bed for a bench, but if we did, you better believe this is the first thing I'd buy. The wubby fabric is so appealing and when paired with cream-colored bedding, would make your room feel like you're sleeping in your favorite hotel.


Recycled Wool Throw by Tartan Blanket Co.: About a year ago I started collecting patterned throws to keep in a straw basket that I move depending on where our guests have accumulated, whether it's by the couch in the living room or out on the chairs in our backyard. I still need about two more, so I'm adding these to my cart since they're super soft and every colorway is truly elegant.


Almarine Chain Décor: One of the best ways to take your bookshelf/coffee table/side table to the next level is with little accent pieces that add visual interest. I own this one that I love, that sits on top of a stack of books in our family room.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.