Why It's Actually a Good Thing I'm Having So Much Trouble Finding a Signature Scent

And the surprising tip I learned from a perfume salesperson.
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Vintage Sweatshirt, Rachel Comey Skirt (similar here and here), Nike Sneakers

Vintage Sweatshirt, Rachel Comey Skirt (similar here and here), Nike Sneakers

After our office conversation about perfumes last week, I felt inspired to nail-down my new signature scent (after years of using Carnal Flower). I headed to my favorite perfume store in L.A., Scent Bar, where I've been shopping for perfumes for the past eight years. While Kelly snapped a few photos, I spritzed on white florals. I was fully prepared to purchase something on the spot, but surprisingly, the salesperson warned me not to. Instead, she encouraged me to spray a few scents on my wrist, then wear them for the rest of the day to see how they reacted with my body chemistry. To my surprise, two of the scents I loved most in the store turned powdery by the end of the day. I was so turned-off by them, I used coffee grounds to completely remove the perfumes from my wrist. The experience was frustrating, but it also taught me a valuable lesson: Finding a quality signature scent is a long process—and the best scents are often the most difficult to find. I'm still on the hunt for my own, but the journey there is half the fun. 

I'd love to hear: I'm looking for a white floral scent—which should I try? Share in the comments below!