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What My Daily Makeup Routine Looks Like Right Now

And the holy grail, low-lift products I swear by.
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Of all the DMs I receive on a daily basis, those asking about my makeup routine stand out the most because of the sheer number of them. But, to be honest, my routine can often feel repetitive: I rarely change up the way I apply my products and always go for a minimal, easy-to-do look. But every time I add in a new beauty buy, you all somehow notice. When I added the Cle de Peau Eye Corrector as a brightener, you all instantly called it out, and I was thrilled to tell you all about it (since this product has truly changed my life). So here's my current daily makeup routine, old favorites and new additions included. But sure to watch my IGTV video to see how apply each product:


I start my morning by splashing water on my face to tighten my pores and then gently dab off some of the moisture with a clean towel. I try to keep my face slightly damp to ensure my skincare products go on smoothly. I grab a pea-sized amount of my go-to Caudalie serum and dab it into my face, pressing the product into my neck, cheeks, and forehead. It's the perfect first layer in my routine since it's hydrating but not too thick on my freshly washed skin. 

Next, I add my Goop Revitalizing Day Moisturizer, which quenches my eternally dry skin. Having my face fully prepped and cleaned has made a huge difference in my makeup application, in terms of it going on smoothly. I've also (finally) started adding sunscreen to my routine, with Supergoop!'s Unseen Sunscreen: It's clear, silky, and glides onto the skin. Plus, the smell adds a dose of beach day nostalgia to my routine.


Foundation: After letting my products sink-in to my skin (and grabbing my morning coffee), I return to finish the rest of my makeup routine. For my face, I start with the Makeup Forever Invisible Cover Stick Foundation in shade '118-y325.' In the past, I shied away from stick foundations that applied directly to my face in order to avoid applying too much. This product, though, is great at taking away redness and covering up any imperfections when used with a brush or finger. Less is definitely more. I take down the color of my lips and cheeks since they're naturally very pigmented and easily build wherever else I need it (typically my nose, under-eyes, and cheeks). Once I feel like my imperfections have been covered, I grab my beauty blender, slightly damp from my Caudalie spray, and press the product into my face. I'm all about ease, and the beauty blender makes my routine that much simpler. 

Concealer: If my under-eye area is looking blue, I apply the Cle de Peau Radiant Eye Corrector in the shade 'almond' to brighten and cover any imperfections. I pat with the applicator to apply and blend the rest out with my finger. It's always in my bag to tone down redness on the go since it reflects the light and has a light-weight formula.

Blush: For blush, I always grab my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (in the shade 'pink quartz') with my Kat Von D double sided brush (similar here) and begin applying the product, after tapping to minimize fallout. I used to apply the blush in the hollow of my cheeks, but have started putting it on my cheek bones and blending the product into my temples. I find it brightens my face and lifts everything from my cheekbones to eyes. Building upwards, I always make sure to leave the apples of my cheeks untouched since I already have so much pigment there.

Brows (Part 1): As I let my face sit and the products gel together, if you will, I turn my focus to my eyes and brows. The Hourglass Arch Brow Clear Shaping Gel is the best way to begin my eyebrow process. I take the clear gel and place the applicator at the very end of my brow. Brushing backwards, I start to create texture towards the front of my brows. At first, it looks totally insane, but the texture will be well worth it once the product drys and I go in with pencil. (Here's a full tutorial on how I fill-in my eyebrows.) 

Mascara and Liner: For my eyes, I start by hitting my Shiseido Eyelash Curler with a blow dryer to warm-up the metal before curling. This product is truly my holy grail. After placing my lashes through the curler, I squeeze several times to curl and lift the lashes. Ever since Leslie introduced the office to her favorite mascara, we all can't stop using using the ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara. It's an all-natural product that grips, separates, and lengthens just as well as it comes off at night. It never clumps and somehow makes your eyes wide open. To put it on, I always use this trick my friend Cristina taught me that totally changed the way my eyes look. For eyeliner, I grab one of my most trusted products: the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner. The pointed pen tip is perfect for dotting between my lashes, and, when applied, it looks as if I've lined the whole rim of my eye but in a more subtle way. Resting my pinky on my cheek for balance, I dot and drag between lashes to create a natural, but full eye look. For a cat-eye flick, I hug the lash line, using my eyebrow as a guide, and then take the liner out slightly to the corner of my eye. 

Brows (Part 2): Now, it's finally time to finish my brows. I grab a spool and brush each brow up and feathery, starting at the front. Then, I use my Nars Brow Perfector in the shade 'medium brown warm' and very lightly create brushstrokes to fill-out the brow in a natural but impactful way. My best tips are to always pull your arch farther out (I used to make my brow arch so high that I often looked surprised) and avoid overfilling by smoothing out the product with your spool.

Luminizer: For additional glow, I reach for my Rituel de Fille Luminizer in the shade 'phosphene' and apply the product wherever the light hits naturally. It's the perfect pearly pink hue that creates a glow from within. I try to blend without dragging, usually focusing on my cheekbones, cupid's bow, and nose. 

Lips: When it comes to my lips, I can't live without my paint box full of lipsticks. Putting them into a portable box has allowed me use my products far more than I ever did before. Each day, I go in and mix colors from my light mauves to deep berries and apply with either a finger or brush. I love being able to create my own signature lip that complements my outfit each day.

And that's about it! My look is all about minimal beauty that packs an impact. Whether I'm off to a meeting or running after Sloan, this routine is easy, consistent, and long-lasting. 

What are your favorite everyday makeup tips? Do you have any products you swear by? Let me know in the comments!

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.