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Use Valentine’s Day as an Excuse to Buy This Lipstick

Because punchy reds aren't just for cheesy love letters.
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Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. Every year, I make an effort to do something small that makes me feel like my best self, whether that means waking up extra-early to make heart-shaped pancakes for Sloan or buying myself something feminine and indulgent, like lingerie, a pink pajama set, or bright lipstick.

One of my favorite lipsticks, NARS' 'Light My Fire', fits squarely within "feminine and indulgent." It's something you may not normally spring for, but every girl should own an unapologetically bright lip. Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to make the leap, whether you're headed on a date night tonight, or going through a pint of ice cream with a girlfriend (for the record, it will stay on even after your spoon hits the bottom).

Every time I wear this shade from NARS on the blog or Instagram, I'm flooded with questions about it. It stays bright, doesn't budge, maintains its intensity throughout the day, and isn't overly drying like a lot of matte liquid lipsticks—and the red is such a true, bombshell red that's universally flattering. The older I get, the more I've committed to purchases with impact, whether a fluffy pair of shoes or a poppy lip so that I can wear worn-in jeans and an old tee to Sloan's drop-off and still look pulled-together. The only thing anyone's going to notice is your flawless red lip. To find out just what it is that makes this lipstick so special, I reached out to NARS Global Makeup Artist, Jenny Smith for a short Q&A: 

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I can definitely see why you love this color—it's a really good combo of classic red, with bright orange undertones, so it pulls from both worlds. Blue reds are great—they feel more 1950s Mad Men, which feels sophisticated and has more depth and intensity—but because of this red's vibrancy, it has an edge to it and feels more fun.

The thing I love about 'Light My Fire,' is that it gives a really beautiful brightening effect and uplifts your mood! If you're wearing a bright lip, you really can't not smile. 

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Since liquid lipsticks have a tendency to be drying, apply lip balm while doing skincare. When you're done with complexion products, blot the lip balm off so you have a dry but hydrated base to start with. To apply the lipstick, use the precision applicator to outline your lip, and fill it in. It's so easy and goes on smooth. For a more stained effect, tap a little on then just smudge it in with your fingers.

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After lunchtime or any meal, I just apply a little more on the center of my lip. Otherwise, it lasts all day! 

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Pick a feature and go all the way with it, so if you feel like this is a bold, new color, start with a clean complexion and a little mascara, then apply the lip. From there, see if you want more definition with a smudged eye shadow or winged liner. 

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Very! We use it on red carpets for that reason, but it's also perfect for everything from brunch to Valentine's Day, especially if you're looking for something a little more kiss proof.


P.S., This plum lipstick is another of my favorites! Happy Valentine's Day! x

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.