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This Simple Product Just Might Change the Way I Approach Lipsticks Forever

Plus some of my favorite lipsticks right now.
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The first time I went on a girls' trip with my friend Ashley, to New Orleans, we were all getting ready to go out when she pulled out one of the most appealing lipstick cases I've ever seen. It was an organized tray of compartments, each of which contained a different shade of lipstick. It felt like a box of candies, and we all swarmed around her immediately so she could apply lipsticks to each of us for dinner that night.

A few months later, I finally bought a case for myself with the intention of using it for travel (it's so much easier than carting around a dozen tubes), but I actually find myself reaching for it most mornings. I love that I can clearly see every lipstick I own, and blend colors together for a custom shades (I often blend Laura Mercier's 'Fire' and 'It Girl' together). 

To create my case, I began by adding lipsticks I love so much they're almost at the end of their tubes, then added in shades from the rest of my collection to make sure I had a rounded-out array of options. It's worth noting that this case actually encourages me to use more of my lipsticks, since I'm able to get the bits out from the bottom of the tube I wouldn't otherwise, and mix colors to create shades I'm obsessed with. It encourages me to actually reach for them—rather than forget about them in a tube. No matter what shade I'm going for, I can easily access one or whip it up! 

I'm even considering getting teeny tiny circular stickers to label on the back, as a reminder of each color in case there's a combo I find I can't live without. From there, I'm able to easily dab on a color directly with my finger or apply with a brush (I prefer this one since it has a cover for travel). 

The case I bought myself has 36 compartments, so I'm able to easily mix colors and include glosses and lip scrubs for an all-in-one lipstick stop, but this lighter one with five compartments may be easier for travel (they also come in ten, twelve, and twenty-four). Here are the shades I have in my case currently:

Artboard 5

1. Bobbi Brown Retro Coral
2. Tom Ford Nude Vanille (sold out, similar color- Naked Ambition)
3. Bobbi Brown Mod (sold out, similar color- Sunday Funday)
4. Origins Hibiscus Haze
5. Estée Lauder Pret-a-Party (sold out, similar color- Bright Peony)
6. Chanel Magnolia (sold out, similar color- Sweet Pea)
7. Nars Roman Holiday 
8. Dolce & Gabbana Devil 
9. Tarte Popsicle
10. Nars Vera 

(I keep a few compartments free for mixing.)


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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.