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These Favorite Beauty Essentials Are Currently 50% Off

Products that will take you from morning skincare routine to a night out.

It's pretty obvious that our entire office is filled with product junkies. Between Anne's skincare addiction and Leslie's natural beauty knowledge, we talk about different products we love pretty much every day. Once we learned of Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty sale, where cult favorites are 50% off on select days, we couldn't not compile a list of our must buys:   

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara (was $24 now $12): After It Cosmetics became hugely popular a few years ago, many of us picked this up and can safely say this is an underrated mascara pick. It creates the perfect amount of volume and length while balancing the line between drama and everyday. On sale April 6. 

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (was $17 now $8): These products are not only aesthetically appealing on your shelf, but they also have a solid group of cult followers who swear by their results. The Drying Lotion is magic for drying out and speeding the healing process of a surprise pimple. Despite your somewhat scary appearance once it's on, the Drying Lotion will have your spot shrink almost immediately and disappear in a few days. Most of us like a product where you feel it working, especially when it comes to breakouts, so this one is a must-have. On sale March 30. 

Urban Decay Primer Potion (was $24 now $12): When Emily first posted her glittery eye look, her DMs blew up with people asking what she was using. And while a simple stand-out shadow completely transforms an outfit, it can sometimes appear differently on the eye compared to in the package. This primer is considered the best for enhancing any eye shadow- glitter or matte. To achieve Emily's statement eye looks, place this on the lid and then layer with whatever bold eye shadow you love. On sale March 22.  

DERMAdoctor Kakadu C Peel Pads (was $78 now $39): After our interview with skincare professionals, we wanted to try more chemical peels to exfoliate and refresh. While exfoliating scrubs are usually what you think of what it comes to this skincare step, they can actually be more harsh on the skin due to the vigorous movement required. This chemical peel balances, brightens, and evens, while removing old pigmentation and scarring from past damage. Plus, it's incredibly gentle and can be used daily. On sale March 28. 

Juice Beauty Stem-Cellular Serum (was $80 now $40): When it comes to serums, we typically promote ones that focus on moisturizing and brightening. However, if anti-aging is one of your goals, this natural serum prevents wrinkles while reversing effects of severe sun damage. On sale March 29. 

Urban Decay Moon Dust Eye Shadows (was $22 now $11): These eyeshadows are so pigmented that they easily stand alone and become the highlight of any look. Our favorites are Diamond Dog, Extragalactic, and Zodiac, but can easily see an amazing statement eye made out of Glitter Eye. On sale March 31. 

IT Cosmetics Bye-Bye Pores Finishing Powder (was $29 now $14): Finishing powder isn't something that's a part of everyone's routine- even our office is 50/50 on who actually uses it. If you've ever seen a makeup tutorial, though, powder is great at reducing any shine on the forehead, while also giving that poreless, even finish to your face. Dust the tiniest amount on with a powder brush, and your makeup is set for the day, no smudges guaranteed. On sale March 24. 

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (was $30 now $15): Finding the right bronzer is hard, and contouring properly is even harder. If a bronzer is too warm it won't contour your face properly, and if it's too cool it can make your face more photoshoot-ready than is needed for everyday. This bronzer is consistently ranked among the best, and with its cool undertones and matte finish, you can sculpt your face in a completely natural, but sun-kissed, way. On sale April 5. 

Benefit Brow Gimme Brow (was $24 now $12): When it comes to brows, everyone in the office has some sort of transformation story. From over-plucked to over-filled, we all look back at pictures of our younger selves and audibly gasp. Luckily, through products like this brow gel, we can now use a light-handed approach that complements the natural shape and color of our brows. On sale April 6. 

Stila All Day Liquid Eyeliner (was $22 now $11): Like finishing powder, not everyone in our office swears by eyeliner. The people who don't leave home without it, though, can't recommend this one enough. The pen's sharp edge creates incredibly precise lines- whether it's for a cat eye or simply lining the rim. Bonus: this is one of the few liquid eyeliner pens that actually comes in other colors. Whether you choose brown or cobalt blue, there is an eyeliner option for you! On sale March 30. 

Note: This is in no way sponsored—we're just genuinely that excited about the sale! What are you adding to your carts?

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.